EndPointScan, check all your computers for connected devices

GFIThis is a sponsored review of EndPointScan.

We already talked about how to lock down the USB ports. This is not always possible, so, at least a good way to know what devices are or have been connected to the computers in our network is needed.

This is what EndPointScan provides. With an easy and simple installation, this application allows to specify a list of computers from our network that will be scanned. The only thing we will need to do is going to EndPoint Security site and click on Scan my network.

For this, we will need Internet Explorer, as this is an ActiveX control which will be downloaded and executed locally. Once we have executed it, it will provide a detailed report of the devices that have been connected to the computers: iPods, external harddisks, floppy drives,…


Not only this, but it also will tell us the threat level of each device and the computer risk level, so we know where we should concentrate on.

It requires Windows 2000, XP or 2003 and administrator rights in the computer. Using it is completely free, so there&s no harm in trying it to see if it works for you.