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  1. Juan Echevarría
    May 24, 2006

    What Dan Brown write about Seville is really crazy. It is impossible he had been in seville for a single whole day: Ayuntamiento is very far from plaza de España, the airport is not upon the Highway to Huelva, it is upon de highway to madrid, the suposed typical Spanish drink, cranberry juice is not known at all in Spain, the Giralda tower has not any ladder, it has a slope, the cathedral is very far from having a single exit “to defend from moorish attacks in the midlle age”, because it was built after the moorish were expulsed from the city, actually, the Giralda tower is the only remain of the former moorish mosk. Triana, for the author, is a suburb of prostitution and drug dealing, but the real Triana is a popular part where regular families live……And of course buses in Seville does not run with the doors open as a “cheap air conditioner” and hospitals in Seville are not derelictions with patients lying in the floor. Regarding the Spanish health system, I have to say, not only bullet injuries can be very efficiently treated (despite i fact we are far from the big experience of American doctors in bullet injuries), but also Spain is the second country in world in organ transplantation after the USA (Spain have abut eight time less population) with a slight difference: In Spain organ transplantation (and bullet injury treatments) are made in PUBLIC hospitals for ANY spaniard, poor or rich, but in the USA organ transplantation is only for those that can pay for it. In other words, in this moment there are hundred of low income people in the USA that would need organ transplantation, but are dying dreaming on have being borned in Seville…………… There are much more crazy things, the list is too long.
    Definitively I cannot believe a single word wrote by this author, specially from subjects that I do not know, like those of Da Vinci Code. You cannot trust him anymore.
    By the way Dan, try to bribe a Spanish policeman, as it is done in the novel and you will know the only part of Seville that you should visit again: the jail.

  2. Spanish
    May 26, 2006

    I have just read the book and it seems a joke. I live in Spain and in the novel doesn’t appear the Seville I have visited hundreds of times.

  3. clin Sbud
    August 15, 2006

    Mi querido sr. Brown: Si los idiotas volaran , tú serías ministro del Aire. Hay que ver cuantas tonterías escribes sobre Sevilla sin el más leve fundamento. Un saludo de un lector que jamás,repito, jamás te va a leer un libro.
    P.D. No entro a valorar tu super “Beseler” porque heriría la sensibilidad de los inteligentes.

  4. Dany
    August 17, 2006

    Dan Brown and Nsa…he says that only 3% of american people knowing Nsa…is it possible? Nsa and EFF…I know nsa but Eff? is it real? and really has a power so big in this age specially after the 11 september! I think now Nsa can work absolutely free and nobody can say them to not control any e-mail o phone talking all over the world crypted or not crypted…sorry for my english but I think this way.Dany from Italy

  5. Luis Rodriguez
    September 20, 2006

    Im glad some spaniards cleared that up for me, I had my doubts as well about the way Seville was portrayed in this book. He described it like some third world country or something, even I felt insulted by his comments and only being tied to Spain by heritage(Im from Puerto Rico). Gracias por sus comentarios compañeros, continuare con mi deseo de algun día viajar a España, saludos.

  6. Iestyn
    November 9, 2006

    Another one for the collection of ‘mistakes’ in Spain:-

    When in the Cathedral, Becker kneels to receive communion and sees the assassin behind him in the goblet just as he is about to be given the wine…..

    Unless I’m very much out of touch, Catholic churches in Spain reserve the wine for the clergy – the people receive only the wafer/bread (and then aren’t allowed to touch it) for fear of dropping/spilling the body and blood of Christ.

    I don’t mind mistakes which are of necessity fiction, but just as some of the glaring inaccuracies of the DVC, it’s little things like this which convince that whatever his strengths as a story-teller, Dan Brown is a lazy researcher.

  7. Jeff Read
    November 18, 2006

    Believe me, The Da Vinci Code isn’t much better. He basically cites the controversial and largely debunked stuff from Holy Blood, Holy Grail as factual; but beyond that it’s the same old garbage. His creative etymology for the name of Rosslyn Chapel is the same kind of BS you saw in Digital Fortress.

  8. met
    November 19, 2006

    the only explanation i see for the cranberry juice thing is that mr. brown wanted to speak about patxaran (more popular in the basque country… oh yes, basque country, andalusia, who cares huh?) but he was too drunk when the barman told him that it was made of blackthorns (they remotely resemble blueberries). back home go figure “bilberries, blueberries, huckleberries… sod it… cran… be… rries… yeah that’s it”.

    another explanation is that he was unable to even recall were the hell was he studying (?) and chose one country randomly.

  9. Paul Jones
    January 9, 2007


    Please forgive me as I haven’t read all of the postings on your site and this may have already been mentioned, but I have a question regarding Digital Fortress which I have just read. Why does Strathmore need to put a backdoor into an altered version of the file? If they have the pass key then they can open all encrypted files anyway. Brown doesn’t mention that the pass key could/ could not be changed by the winning bidder…

    Have I missed something?…

    Many thanks.


  10. schimmi
    February 9, 2007

    “After we make the switch,” Strathmore added, “I don’t care how many pass-keys are floating around; the more the merrier.” He motioned for her to continue searching. “But until then, we’re playing beat-the-clock.”

    So Strathmore’s intention is to replace the file with Digital Fortress code with an altered version of it with a backdoor so the NSA can read all messages encrypted with it. But, what if someone downloaded it previously? He will be able to get the original version without any backdoor, so the plan completely fails. Even more, he can get also the other version with the backdoor, so he will be able to compare both and find the backdoor in it.

    it says later that they were going to send out an “update” that would change any previous digital fortresses to their new back door version

  11. Stea
    February 11, 2007

    I’d like to point out that the enigma machine used by nazi in WWII is not a twelve tons beast as Dan wrote, but a device that looks like a regular typewriter.

  12. Janey
    April 12, 2007

    Umm if you read the book properly it said that TRANSLT had a virus thats why it took so long.
    Tankado put a virus into transltr on purpose! it was never a key in the first place!

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