How to bypass the BIOS password

I usually like to put a password in the BIOS, not really for security, but to avoid someone messing up with the settings and rendering the computer unbootable. Unfortunately, sometimes I can’t remember the password I used in some computer and, as they are not very critical, I don’t have them written anywhere.

When in need to change it the easiest way is usually opening the computer case, finding the jumper for clearing the CMOS and setting it for a few moments. If we can’t find the jumper, mainly because we don’t have the mainboard manual, we can remove the battery (if it’s removeable, sometimes they are not) and wait for half an hour. With these methods, the password disappears, but also does all the rest of the information saved in CMOS, so we’ll have to configure the settings again

There are other software methods if you don’t feel like opening your computer case. Get into a DOS prompt and execute the DEBUG command with these instructions

c:> debug.exe
-o 70 2e
-o 71 ff

This works in almost all cases, but it’s a little dangerous, as you could damage something in memory, so you better take care.

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