1000tags, the Web2.0 version of the million dollar page

Probably all of you can remember the million dollar page, a site build by a young entrepreneur which sold pixels at 1 dollar each one. If you see the homepage now it looks really ugly, like a lot of sticks in a street pole but the objective was achieved.

But, isn’t this the Web2.0 era? This is about Ajax, blogs, feeds, tags, social software… and all those terms most people can’t understand. So, what was needed was something like the million dollar page with a Web2.0 touch and someone has done it.

It’s called 1000tags and contrary to the other one, it can be free to get your site linked there. It doesn’t show images or logos of the linked sites, but has a cloud of tags linking to them. A tag is like a keyword describing a post, this is something very Web2.0. A cloud of tags is a collection of tags, where each one is bigger as more people use it.

So 1000tags shows a cloud of tags where you can click and go to a site “tagged” with it. I have really liked it as the design is much better than that collection of miniimages, so if you want to try it you can do it at http://1000tags.com

3 Responses to “1000tags, the Web2.0 version of the million dollar page”

  1. 1 Srinivasan

    But 1000 tags still lacks focus. What do you expect to see there ?

    Try The Web2.0 Million Dollar Homepage

    Web2.0 companies, in Web1.0 Style!

  2. 2 madelman

    Yeah, maybe it lacks focus but, at least, it’s not as ugly as the other one.

    By the way, good luck with your one ;)

  1. 1 Dimension 2k
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