Cameras could be watching you inside your house

It’s not a secret that nowadays most cities are almost completely covered with police cameras and that someone who controls the cameras could follow your path around the city, knowing in every moment where you are. Seems that this is not good enough for Houston’s police chief who, last Wednesday, proposed to install “security” cameras in apartment complexs, shopping malls and even inside private homes.

To make matters worse, the classic justification was used: “If you don’t do anything wrong why would you have to worry?” Well, as Bruce Schneier says, we don’t have a crisp answer to that, but I know most of us don’t feel like having a camera installed at home. There’s something called privacy most people value a lot. I don’t feel comfortable when police can know everything I do, everything I like or everything I say.

So, the question is would Houston’s police chief like to have some cameras installed at his home?

As Benjamin Franklin said: “They who can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”, and this is a question about liberty. Do you think this will become reality?

From | Schneier on Security